Empowering people to live their passion & full potential

We envision a world where everyone is living in flow and effortlessly achieving their goals.

We are committed to coach and guide women to live their passion and full potential.

We guide women with specific goals as well as women who are still figuring out their next steps in life.

We utilize mindset coaching & training, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Access Bars to help women improve and maintain the overall quality of their personal & professional life.

We help women achieve great successes through integrated coaching & training methods.

We help women find their flow.

Marilyn Cronie Empowers Women

MARILYN CRONIE uses her personal and career experiences to help women reach their personal and professional goals. She is an expert in effective communication and mindset coaching and guides women to achieve their goals trough integrated coaching methods, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Access Bars to enable mindshifting transformations.

‘ That which comes from within’

Welcome Female In Flow!

I am so excited that you found yourself right here, because life changing transformations are possible for every single one of us. Female In Flow has been established to help you evolve from where you are to where you want to be. By tapping into your inner flow, your Female Flow, you can live your passion & full potential. Female In Flow will help you do just that!


More often than we are aware of, certain beliefs and values from our upbringing, culture and past experiences impact how we progress in life. Some beliefs, values and past experiences may even hinder us from reaching our personal as well as professional goals.

Access Bars

Having your Bars run is a relaxing and nurturing process. At worst you’ll feel like you’ve had a great massage. Best case scenario, your whole life will change into something greater with total ease!


Disconnecting from the outside world to connect within.

The purpose of our retreats are to help you find your rhythm, your flow. A journey to re-align with “That which comes from within” .

¨Your thoughts and what you focus on make all the difference and awareness is where change begins”

Marilyn Cronie