It’s important to learn to embrace not only the light, but also the dark in yourself. How do you do that?

We prefer to feel all happy and joyful, right? I mean: that’s the goal!

Truth is, I’ve been experiencing mostly the opposite lately. Restlessness, fear, doubt, uncertainty and at times even despair. The feeling came from very deep and it felt so intense at times, it was terrifying. It felt as if I had fallen into a dark hole and I didn’t know how deep it was, and on the way down the hole I started to wonder if there would be a bottom at all. How do you deal with this?

It takes courage to really dare to feel. This means allowing yourself to be vulnerable again. To say YES to life and to completely open up in a moment when you’d rather make yourself as small as possible. It often actually has to do with feelings which you have experienced as too difficult as a small child and which you have therefore hidden to protect yourself. Now that you are an adult, you have the opportunity to reconnect and heal these parts of yourself, by being present in Love.

‘You meet yourself
in a dark room
when all the noise
has died down.

You reject yourself
or you hold yourself close.

Those are
the only options.’

written by Trista Mateer (from her poetry book Girl Isolated)

Be gentle with yourself in this process and not stern. It can be tempting to run away. For example by focusing on another person, working too much, eating or drinking excessively, you name it. It can really be anything. Know that, no matter how difficult and impossible it may seem at times, you have a choice every day to do things differently. To dare to receive the fear and not to hold on to it. You just have to stick with it. Send love to those parts of your body where it feels tense, to feel relaxed in your body again.

Over and over again it feels good to surrender and trust. Because I’ve learned that you really never get more than you can handle and that there is always a bottom. The good news: from that moment ,you can only go up! Literally resurrect. Until you are ready to meet yourself again on an even deeper level.

Guest blog written by: Felicity for Female In Flow


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