Disconnecting from the outside world to connect within.

The purpose of our retreats are to help you find your rhythm, your flow. A practice that allows you to center yourself, tend to your body, quiet your mind and see the present circumstances with clarity and freedom to open your heart. A journey to re-align with “That which comes from within” .

By choosing to let go of the usual habits of distraction, online time, unnecessary busyness and tasks that can wait, you will be able to recharge and reconnect with a greater sense of abundance and well-being.

Our retreats provide you the opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are looking for a fun way to recharge. We provide the perfect combination of activity and relaxation for you to reach your ideal state of inner alignment of Mind, Body, Spirit and Feminine energy.


We Zen

Sisters . Love . Unity

I AM IN FLOW retreat
(St. Maarten & Jamaica)

A journey to self discovery and alignment into your natural flow of well-being.

Phase 1 Discover what has formed you, let go of what no longer serves you and accept your FULL Self.

Phase 2 Re-discover who you are and learn how to use your emotional guidance system.

Phase 3 Learn what it means to really love yourself and how loving yourself brings you IN FLOW.

Further details will be revealed in 2022.
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